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3D Figurine Scanned in our Studio


Set an appointment to be scanned, and we will be most happy to show you the complete process. We will scan you, and within 10 to 20 minutes we will have created your complete in color 3D image for your viewing. We'll then send the 3D image to your email, as a gift from us.

Yes, it's FREE




Price starts at $159.00

Your Visit

Visit our studio anytime to have your 3D Selfie taken absolutely free!

You must come into our studio in person. 

Our 3D photo booth does best with bright patterned clothing.  We highly recommend avoiding completely dark or black clothing as black clothing is difficult to print.

Fine and transparent clothing like silk or mesh should also be avoided.

Our 3D figurines are durable, but small details like brims of hats and extended fingers can easily break and should be avoided while being scanned.

Eyeglasses and thin dangling jewelry like earrings should be removed due to their fragile nature during the printing process. Stud earrings are fine.

Dresses and skirts should be higher than 12 inches from the ground, or full length so that they fully cover your feet.

We can also scanned and print animals.  Very small animals must be held.

Larger animals must be able to hold still for 3-4 seconds.  

Your 3D Photo

Our 3D photo booth captures you from every angle, capturing almost 178 photos per session.

The process only takes 3-4 seconds.

After being photographed/scanned, you can preview your photos.

In approximately 20-25 minutes, you will receive a 3D image of yourself, which rotates in 360 degrees.  The 3D image is yours to keep and share via email or social media.

The 3D image is then used to generate a detailed 3D Selfie of you; a 3D Mini Me.

Editing Your 3D Photo

All 3D photos are reviewed and retouched by a professional 3D artist before 3D printing.

In very rare instances, your 3D photo may not be able to be printed due to a particular pose or the quality of the photo.  We will inform you promptly, and you can come in for a new scan or we will refund your purchase.

Printing and Delivery of your 3D Selfie

Your 3D photo is then sent to a state-of-the-art 3D printer.  We use the highest quality color 3D printer currently available.

It takes 14-20 business days to create your 3D Selfie.

Once your 3D Selfie is printed, it is carefully packaged and shipped straight to our studio.

Shipping is available and cost are calculated by location.

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