Preparing for Your Scanning Session

Your Visit

Use our online platform to make an appointment to visit our studio in Jenkintown to get a full-body scan absolutely free. If you have questions or you would prefer to make an appointment over the phone, please call us at (267) 619-2244.

Our 3D scanner works best with bright patterned clothing. It is recommended to avoid monotone dark or black clothing as this has proven more difficult to accurately print. Other printing difficulties can occur with fine and transparent clothing such as silk or mesh. Dresses or skirts should be at least 12 inches from the floor or should be a length that fully covers your feet. Open-toed shoes or bare feet are not recommended.

Very fine/thin accessories such as dangling jewelry and eyeglasses are difficult to print as well. For an additional fee, eyeglasses can be added to the 3D portrait separately.


Any number of people can be accommodated to create a 3D portrait; however, a maximum of 4 people can be scanned at one time. For larger groups/families, we can break up the group logically and create multiple scans that can ultimately create a single composition when placed together. Example: a family of six can have a single scan of 4 children along with a separate scan of the 2 parents. Choosing a set scaling system will assure that all figures remain in accurate proportion to one another.
Children are great subjects to be scanned, however they must be able to remain still for approximately 4 to 5 seconds for a successful outcome. Children less than 40” tall that are getting scanned alone will be placed on a raised platform to ensure a proper scan. Infants must be scanned with another individual and must be safely held.
We can scan and print pets as well. Very small animals must be held. Larger animals must have the temperament to be able to sit still for approximately 4 to 5 seconds for a scan to be successful.

NOTE: Please see the section titled “Guidelines for All Captures” at the bottom of this page for further clarity on subject classifications, scan quantities, and printing rules regarding pets and sitting subjects.

Your 3D Photo

Your complete image is captured in seconds by 178 cameras in our state-of-the-art scanning both. After being scanned you will have an opportunity to preview these photos prior to make sure you are satisfied with the captures. In approximately 20 minutes you will then receive a rotating 3D image of yourself. This is yours to keep and can be shared across various social media platforms. This 3D image is what is used to ultimately create your custom 3D figure.

Editing Your 3D Model

All 3D models are reviewed by a professional 3D artist and retouched prior to being printed. Rarely, your 3D model may not be able to be printed due to issues such as a poor-quality scan or an unprintable pose. If this occurs, we will immediately inform you so that we can retake the scan or, if this is not feasible, we will provide you a refund.

Printing and Delivery of your 3D Portrait

Once the 3D model has been finalized by our artists, it is then sent to the highest quality color 3D printer that is currently available. Most 3D figures take about 2 to 3 weeks to create. If you select the option to further utilize one of our professional artists to apply a high definition touch-up to your 3D portrait, an additional 2 weeks of processing will be needed. Once your 3D portrait is printed, it is carefully packaged and shipped directly to our studio in Jenkintown for pickup. Direct shipment can be made to you at a cost dictated by location.

Guidelines for All Captures:

  • An “infant” is defined as a person less than one year of age.
  • A “small pet” is defined as a pet that is smaller than an infant.
  • A “large pet” is defined as a pet that is larger than an infant.
  • A “child” over the age of one year is considered to be an “adult”.
  • “Infants” and “small pets” can be interchangeable.
  • “Infants” and “small pets” may not be captured alone and must be captured with a person in the frame.
  • Certain poses are subject to a shorter print height:
    • Due to the extreme cost of printing pet-only scans with sitting or standing pets in nylon (no human), they are printed at 25% height (e.g. a 7″ print order will result in a 1.75”print).
    • Scans of people not standing up fully (sitting, kneeling, bending over/leaning) are printed at 50% height (e.g. a 7″ print order will result in a 3.5″ print). To avoid this, please make sure you are standing up straight.
    • Scans of people laying down are not permitted.

One Person Scan:

  • One adult
  • One adult with one infant
  • One adult with one small pet
  • One large or small pet (alone)

Two Person Scan:

  • Two adults
  • Two adults with one infant
  • Two adults with one small pet
  • One adult with one large pet
  • One adult with two or three small pets
  • One adult with two or three infants
  • Two large or small pets (alone)

Three Person Scan:

  • Three adults
  • Three adults with one infant
  • Three adults with one small pet
  • Two adults with two or three infants
  • Two adults with two or three small pets
  • Two adults with one large pet
  • One adult with two large pets

Four Person Scan:

  • Four adults
  • Four adults with one infant
  • Four adults with one small pet
  • Three adults with two or three infants
  • Three adults with two or three small pets
  • Three adults with one large pet
  • Two adults with two large pets
  • One adult with three large pets