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Your Photo to 3D Figurine

Our 2D to 3D program is not only unique, it's almost unheard of. There's only a hand full of people in the entire world that truly have the ability to take your 2D picture and from that create a 360 degree figurine, and that's just what we do.


Give us your picture of who you would like us to create in figurine form and we'll deliver.

We can do bust, half body or full body depending on what you want us to create. We can also do one person or a dozen people or even your pet(s).


From This


To This


Step 1


Give us the photo that you  want us to create to be 360 degree figurine. The more photos you give us the better       for better representation of the

person(s), people or pet(s).


Your Photo

Step 2

 We then create a proof/file of that picture(s) that you     gave us for your viewing and after 2 weeks we call you to look at the proof of what we think is right and if there is anything that you want us to changed we can certainly do so.You need to approved the proof before we send it to be printed.


Step 3

After you approved the proof and we then send it to be printed, it takes a week or so for the delivery. We then give you a call for you to pick up your figurine. Over all process takes about 4 to 5 weeks.

End Result

2D to 3D     Size Chart


Price starts at $290.00

(for single person 3" bust or single person 3",4",5" full body)

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