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Welcome to 3D With A Twist!

We are a way cool, most unique business, Offering all things 3D.

We're conveniently located in Peoria's Northwoods Mall.

We're famously known for our Mini Me's and Magic Crystal's but we now offer a more unique and brilliant way to get all things 3D! We now offer 3D Floor Murals, Wall Murals, Ceiling Murals, Door Murals and Stair Murals. Our most unique and colorful murals range from anything modern to totally wild and back to extremely elegant. They're made in either Vinyl or Canvas and are made to your size and specks.

What a perfect way to create a totally unique touch to your home or business.

Think about having us customize your kids room, living room, dinning room, bathroom, kitchen, basement, garage, man cave, or what about your office and or lobby.

Come on in and browse through our online catalog looking at dozens of  3D Murals.


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